Elegant Angel Dress


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The Angel dress is a sumptuous ,elegant dress that will make ur little girl feel like an Angel . It is full of volume ,floor – length tulle dress  with  very fine satin made of a soft  blue with a blend of warm  purple and peach bejeweled flowers .​


  • Satin,Tulle,Flowers,Rhinstones,cotton lining​
  • Lined for added comfort​
  • Can be custom made up to size 12 years​
  • Can be custom made up to size 12 years​
  • If you will  like to pre order it takes  4-6 weeks.​
  • We also do custom orders for any orders that you can’t find, we can custom your desired size. It takes 4-6 weeks depending on the season.​
  • You can contact us with preorder details or custom order details through our email

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